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Creating an Account

Getting started on the Truckers Network is simple. Register for a new account at

post job

Posting a job

Attract the best drivers by posting a job that is informative and stands out from the rest.

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Navigating the Dashboard

The Truckers Network dashboard makes managing your job posts easy, with everything you need to know available at a glance.

viewing and managing applicants

Viewing and Managing Applicants

After your job has been public it’s time to see who’s applied and begin contacting candidates. Within a job, you can see driver work history and even chat with them live.


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There is no membership fee, only the monthly cost of each job you post.
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You can cancel the jobs at any time through the dashboard.
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Truckers Network is a growing community of thousands of CDL drivers, with more joining every day.
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There are thousands of experienced drivers applying for jobs on Truckers Network.
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There are no hidden fees, our pricing is simple, and you get to choose each time you post a new job.
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