Truckers Network NEWEST features, explained!

Welcome to Truckers Network, revamped!

Get to know our NEWEST features, designed specifically to help improve your everyday job experiences.

In addition to helping you find your next Job, we’ve added the ability to Rate & Review Your Job Experience, as well as the ability to see the real-time, wait times at today’s top and lowest performing locations.

Let’s start with Rate, Review + Share Your Experience. As you go about your daily job loads, Truckers Network now offers you the ability to rate, review and share your experience at each facility, warehouse and location that you interact with.

Sharing a review is simple. First, let’s enter the shipper address. Begin by typing in the location name and/or the address and choose from the list of locations. Don’t see the location you’re looking for? No problem. Simply click on: Tap Here to create a shipper Enter the Shipper’s Name, then push CONTINUE.

Next, enter your total Wait Time. Simply drag the truck icon across the sliding bar and stop when you’ve reached the total hours. Need to edit the Arrival Date, Time and Exit Date? No problem. You can make any adjustments needed here.

Now, we’ll select the Location Type that you visited. Then push, Continue. Select Your Delivery Type, then push Continue. From here, you’ll be able to rate the level of Safety, Directional Clarity, Staff Friendliness, How clean the facility was, and you can add any additional Comments or Thoughts you’d like to share.

And that’s it! You’re Done! When you leave a review on Truckers Network and share your experiences, you’re helping to improve the industry and help out your fellow drivers as they completed their jobs.

At Truckers Network, we are here for you and want to make the work better for you, One Driver at a Time.

About Truckers Network 

Truckers Network is the trucking industry’s premier job posting and hiring platform. Our technology-driven solutions offer the most advanced and modernized hiring options to match qualified CDL candidates with Companies looking to expedite their hiring processes. Our proprietary system draws from decades of development and industry insights. With over 200,000 CDL Drivers in the Network, companies are able to find qualified drivers, fast.

Truckers Network’s sister company, 160 Driving Academy, is the nation’s largest commercial driving school. As the fastest-growing vocational school in the country, in 2023, the Company will train over 35,000 students on how to safely operate a commercial vehicle. 160 Driving Academy operates across 44 states and each school is certified and licensed by each State agency and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Entry Level Driver Training Program. The 160 Driving Academy is integrated with over 400 Workforce offices nationwide to create jobs for unemployed and underemployed workers.

160 Driving Academy also supplies the largest employers in the nation with an unparalleled level of recruiting, high-quality training, safety effectiveness, and driver analytics. Many of these employers have trusted the 160 Driving Academy to provide the majority of their driving workforce. 160 Driving Academy has recently deployed its virtual HAZMAT Certification training course available for any driver looking to get their certification.

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